Managing change is likely to be the center of the industrial and policy debates of the new century around the globe. Today we are trying to manage our way through another period of transformation, ranging from the spread of management education to advanced computers and internet genome. The only way to survive and sustain the new challenges is to develop meaningful and professionally trained experts in management and technology who can tune the industry, commerce and trade of the country to the fast changes being experienced in our surroundings.

Last five years have witnessed an increase of demand in management and computer education in the country. More than 800 business schools have been opened by the industrial and business houses, besides the establishment of management and computer departments in almost every university.

Haryana is still young in the establishment of such Institutes. Regional Institute of Mangement took the lead as the first institute of Management in rural area of Jhajjar (Haryana).

Modern management techniques cannot be used effectively without the aid of computers and other high-tech modes of information technology. Modern technology is providing an opportunity to the executives and management experts to cut short their time span on exercise and increase the availability of their time and energy for compilation, analysis, planning and presentation of information collected from all quarters. This has become an integral part of the process of management, whereby it has entered our life with a bang ar everybody from a housewife to a top executive needs it. It has a great potential for creatin self employment and job work in various fields.