Dear Student,
REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANGEMENT (RIM) is making all sincere efforts institute build on its reputation as a premier institution in management. RIM is committed to fostering excellence in creation dissemination & application of management & IT knowledge and skills. Accelerating developments in almost every field have transformed the economic environment workdwide and will continue to test business leaders in unique ways. Managers able to adopt quickly to unpredictable conditons will gain a district advantage. Through intense and comprehensive training, student of today need to contantly upgrade their knowledge, and apply theory in real life seetings.
To continue to be successful, we leverage the skills, dedication and experoences of our outstanding faculty, staff, students and corporate people. We rely on the support of these constituents, who share our passion in building an institute as well as one that offers a unique and valued prespective to the business organisation and communities we serve. To cope with the new realities we focus on academic rigor, practical application, technology and ethical standards.
We welcome the new students to our institute and wish them all the best in their endeavor to carve of successful career in the feild of Management.
I invite you to join us.