Reasons to choose us

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. We ore one of the premier institute in Haryana, giving you access to o excellent resources and support facilities.

. We have extensive and well established links with employers, professional bodies & research organizations.

. We provide courses that ore directly relevant to industry & commerce. We aim to provide a quality learning experience and value for money.

. Other Business School managed by management of Regional Institute of Management has been ranked in Top 100 Business Schools of India by various magazines.

. You will find friendly approachable college that welcome students from many walks of life and from all around India.

. All the students who enroll in Regional Institute of Management have a free personal accident insurance of Rs. 70.000.’ per year under group insurance scheme.

. We have a distinctive mission to provide education and training to help students achieve their full potential.

. Our beautiful campus is located in the central educational area of North India having excellent campus facilities & round the clock security