Free spins, free spins and re-spins – what exactly is it?

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Very often in situs judi slot terpercaya or even in stone casinos you encounter free spins, free spins, but also re-spins. Let’s see what it all is and what the difference is in these terms. Very often in online casinos or even in stone casinos you encounter free spins, free spins, but also re-spins. Let’s see what it all is and what the difference is in these terms. You will often come across these terms in the rules of various games. Let’s look at all the variants, where some are actually identical, but others have a slightly different meaning.

What is free spin?

By law, free spin is free spins. It’s a spin on a slot machine for which you don’t pay anything, but you can still win real rewards. Free spins can be obtained in two usual ways.

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Free spins as a bonus, promotion or reward

Free spins can be offered by online casinos as part of promotions. Either you get these spins immediately, so you just need to start the game for real money and you can spin for free, or to get them you need to meet some conditions, such as playing a number of spins or betting a certain amount.

These spins are usually attributed to the casino bonus money that needs to be spun before withdrawal, but can be used directly for the game and any winnings are yours.

Free spins as a win directly on the slot machine

You can also get free spins as a prize directly on the slot machine. Typically, you win these spins by hitting some combination or Scatter symbols. This starts a bonus game in which some functions or win multipliers can also be started.

Unlike free spins in promotions, these winnings are credited directly in cash and are counted as winnings that you can immediately withdraw or use as you wish.

What is re-spin

Re-spin can be understood as the completion of a given game. It’s also a free spin in a way, but unlike free spins, it’s not a new spin. Re-spins are most often encountered on machines with exploding (or otherwise disappearing) symbols, which are then replaced by other symbols. An example is the Gonzo’s Quest slot machine.

So in practice:

There will be a classic spin and a win will be paid

Winning combinations disappear and the symbols from this combination are replaced by other symbols – during this replacement it is evaluated again if there is no new win, which is the re-spin

If another winning combination is created, the win is paid out and the winning combination disappears again

This round until new winning combinations are created

During the re-spin, therefore, part of the playing area remains the same, but only certain symbols or entire reels are replaced. For example, in some games, Wild symbols may remain in place, others in re-spin as a random function.

Re-spin is usually accompanied by some improvements, such as that Wild symbols remain in place or the multiplier of other wins increases.

What is free spin, free spin and so on

These are rather loose terms that are used as appropriate. While free spin or re-spin have basically fixed meanings, free spins, free spins and so on can be anything that somehow involves a spin without further deposit of money, but in which you can win real money.

Therefore, free spins without online casino registration do not count as free spins. It is not possible to win or lose during this game, so it is rather a separate variant of the game without risk for fun.